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ätherisch, ätherische Öle, ätherisches Öl, Geruchs-Beseitigung, Cyclodextrine, Wohlfühlduft
Scent in Spas, Thermal Baths, Wellness and Fitness Areas
DAS BAD Merzig disposes of an aroma grot with natural odorization since Mai 2009
Krounebierg Centre Aquatique in Mersch since 2009
Natural and pure olfactory improvement via RLT in different zones

Aquadrom Hockenheim since 2008
Changing odorization matching light atmospheres in the AquaFitness-Pool
Fildorado - Multifunctional public bath since 2008
Odorization of 1.000 m² central fitting room area via air-conditioning system
JEAN D'ARCEL Beauty & Wellness Institute Kehl since 2007
Freiburg since 2008
Beauty treatment with room effects for all senses
Art Aqua for Beachhotel Georgshöhe Norderney since 2006
2-fold supply air odorization of a meditational room with a colour-light-related DMX control
Heinrich-Völker-Bad Worms since 2006
3-fold air conditioning odorization for a relaxation room
Balance-Fitness Studio Bad Lauterberg since 2005
Simple air conditioning essential oil odorization of the gym
Husum Bad since 2005
Simple air conditioning odorization with a remote control 3-zone-system in lobby, dressing rooms and sauna
Private pool since 2005
in Hessia in cooperation with architect Dr. Mühlenberg 2-fold air conditioning odorization with an EIB rela
Kirchbergklinik Bad Lauterberg since 2004
Odorization of the lobby and the healthclub via aircondition
Parkbad Neuburg a.D. since 2004
Air conditioning odorization for the elimination of bad odours in the dressing rooms
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