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Gym - 240 m²
LiquidSoundNacht - 1.200m²
»There is no Happy Day without Sweet Scent«
(Ancient Egyptian proverb)

Relaxing fragrances are a definite must within the programme offered by Day-Spas, Gyms, Health Resorts and Public Pools. It is advisable to employ the fragrant resources of nature for relaxation of all participants in different lounges or doctor´s offices.

A well-known experience to almost any relaxation-seeker, it does not always smell nice and the desired wellness trip often ends up in a stiffy dressing room.

Operators of such resorts hence are facing the challenge to find a suitable, in terms of health acceptable and according to the spatial situation, adjustable odourization system.

We offer you holistic service:

  • Consultation according to the specific climatic features of your room
  • A customized and suitable odourization concept
  • Considerate scent selection and seasonal variations
  • The suitable technology for sale or rent
  • For less budget than you would think.
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