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»Scent is Experience + Marketing + Wellness«
All in One Breath

The knowledge about the emotional power of scents grows day by day.

Make use of the possibilities offered by MAGIC BOX Scent-Directing for

  • A holistic design of your brand appearance
  • Spectacular formats of experiences and infotainment
  • The creation of an atmosphere of well-being at any place

Thereby you increase

  • Sales and visitor frequencies
  • Recognition of brand value and customer loyalty
  • The well-being of your guests and employees

Our specialty is the distinct configuration of the optimal odourization system according to your specific requirements. For rent or purchase.


Richard Axel/Linda B.Buck:

Nobel Prize Chemistry

for research in the field
of scents

Modern Human Beings are
capable to distinguish
~10.000 scents.

How this works?
Highly specialized cells recognize the scent

In the emotional centre of the brain their signals are combined to form recallable olfactorial patterns.

Just like letters that form words. A good perfumist knows how to spell fragrances.


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