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Point-of-Scent systems


MultiSense Controller
»NoseCatcher for the Immediate Surrounding«
Flexible odourization for small areas
Have your products scent genuine!

For targeted odourization of exhibits, scented placements and interactive kiosks we offer you a scent technology that is adjustable to the second while offering easy to use odourization without residues.

The Point-of-Scent systems are interactive modules from which a scent is exerted temporarily either at the touch of a bottom or by sensor. Only the immediate surrounding experiences the scent - the rest of the room remains neutral.>Examples

Dreamlike features offers the MultiSense system. With its 6, 12 or 24 scents and digital programming it is a true benchmarking device for audio-visual presentations. Scented pictures are more genuine and a storytelling experienced by your nose remains unforgettable.
> Examples

> Scent Objectives
> Fitting Devices

up to 10 m²

up to 100 m²

up to 1.000 m²

> 1.000 m²

Scented Gimmicks
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