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Geruchsneutralisation, Geruchs-Neutralisation, Geruchsneutralisierung, Gute Luft
»Scent is Communication«
says Paloma Picasso
Mission Statement of the MAGIC BOX® e.K.

We are a service company working in the area of live-marketing and experience-communication. Our special subject is the development of technical solutions for perceptive concepts experienced as seen, heard, felt and most of all smelled.

Since 1997 we deliver integrated services for the implementation of scents into technological applications of various objectives and business branches.

Our uniqe know-how is Scent-Directing. It entails scent consulting, the development of concepts, the production of systems according to individual requirements as well as the completion of projects.

We enjoy facing the challenge of considerately implementing the sensitive medium that is scent. For Wellness, Marketing and Experiences - all in one breath

Press Review
European Amusement Professional
With All of Our Senses
Multisensory total experiences as sales boosters in Waterparks, Leisureparcs and Expositions
EuroAmusement Professional
Enjoy Natural Culinary Products with all the Senses
The first brand cinema with staged scents has opened at Adrian Manufaktur, Waldburg, for an emotional experience
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Is that your brand I smell?
Olfactory marketing sounds mysterious. A study has provided the first hard and fast facts…
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Scents faster than reasoning
The increasing use of scent marketing is not always welcome…
Interbad to Set Standard
The Interbad fair is making a highly active impression this year....
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