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»MAGIC BOX® AirEnhancement«
Accurate technologies for the distribution of scents
Why distribute scents coldly?

The usual way of odourization is by evaporation through heating the scents. This method entails two problems: the refreshing head scent of the composition generally evaporates first which then leaves the remains not smelling nice, then burning and hard to remove. Our technology avoids these pitfalls.

Since there is no heating throughout our devices, the scents stay genuine and original. Any form of additive is thus redundant.

During our cold atomizing procedure fine scented fog is generated, numerously diluted and disolved into fragrant air before leaving the device. A very thrifty procedure.

Cleaning the machines is hence facilitated and only necessary when changing the scent composition.

freely adopted from Christian Morgenstern

Inspired by Korf´s scent-sonata
friends found an »Aromata«.
A room, in which, briefly spelled
it is not drunk, but only smelled.

For inserting a coin eclipses
from the wall a balsamic trumpet,
which to the guest´s widened nose
what's desired easily and joyous blows.

At the same time appears on a display
the courses´ well suited portray
Many hundreds, not to lie
have their meal now with genuine joy.

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