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Scent works faster than you think!

The perception of scents links directly to the emotional centre of our brain where decisions are made upon affection or refusal. Like all emotionally acquired knowledge, impressions of scents stay memorably longterm and thus enable the revitalization of pictures from our past.

The importance of smelling thus becomes inevitably clear as does the power of the unconscious perception of our olfactorial surroundings.

The scope of possibilities to take influence in them is vastly varied and odourization needs to be regarded more than just putting perfume on. To successfully reach its objectives, the artificial creation of a naturally graceful experience of scent requires a thourough investigation of the surroundings and their users.

MAGIC BOX Scent-Directing entails this process of coordination, the conceptual finding of a solution, its technical conversion as well as the precise decision upon suitable scents.

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