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3-fold ScentTheatre - 200m˛
ColourLightScent - 3x 1 m˛
»Scent-Directing is more than just Odourization«
Target oriented concepts are technologically feasible

Imagine turning the light on/off respectively slightly dimming it alltogether appear to be the only possibilities for a room illumination. Those options would not suffice to be be labelled a comprehensive lighting concept, would they?

Why be so unambitious when it comes to smelling? To prevent an obtrusive over-odourization many technical solutions only offer the option to decrease their intensity alltogether.

Not so MAGIC BOX Scent-Directing which distinguishes between the distinct olfactorial experience that is lived briefly but intensively and the remaining different intensity-levels down to a neutral, scent-less elimination of bad odours. > Scent Objectives

Changing fragrances and ambient conceptions consisting of several different scents can also be offered due to our close cooperation with other specialists being:

  • Fair organizers and exhibition booth crafters
  • Mobile air conditioning providers
  • Technicians and operators of different locations
  • Special Effects providers.
IceSculpturesExpo - 1000m˛
OutdoorScentparcours ~20m
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