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4D Magic Cinema - 600m²
»FutureSense« Station 3x3m²
»Seeing derives its Beauty only from Smelling«
Our motto for Info- and Entertainment

Enjoy the magical moment of any performance when

  • the air conditioning of your movie theater exerts thematically matching scents.
  • The wind machine blows into the audience.
  • The historical exhibit appears to be smelling genuinely old.
  • You initiate scenting breezes from a scent terminal.

This is when the MAGIC BOX Scent-Directing is at work.

Therefore all you need is

  • The desire to stand above the crowd
  • A suitable scent conception
  • A creative scent selection
  • The appropriate equipment, either bought or rented
  • And less budget than you would think.

Here you find the Scent Objectives & Device Dimensions in detail.

Figures + Scents from PandaVision:
~18.000 performances since 2004
at the 4D-Cinema Europa Park Rust
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