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Duftmuseum, Duft-Exponat, Exponat-Beduftung, living surface, Interaktion
Exhibition and Museum Odorization
Ars Electronica Center Linz
The Scent Portal in the European Culture Capital
step-one for Beiersdorf Hamburg
Thematic spot on deodorants during the exhibition for the company's anniversary
Inter-NL for Hunebed Exhibition in Borger/NL since 2005
Cave-scents for an aritificial megalithic tomb
milla for Steiff Product World in Giengen
Ocean scent in the maritime area
Stiftung museum kunst palast Duesseldorf and Milan
Odourization for ğArtaud - an orchestrated lifeĞ
Halloren Chocolate Company in Halle
Odourization of the historic Chocolate Room
Lubeck Travemuende Tourist-Service Odourization of the first Iceworld Exhibition
circ for the Autostadt in Wolfsburg
Xmas Feeling Outdoor: Scented Advent Calender
Maisel's Brewery Museum in Bayreuth
Scentrooms with hops-malt-wood
JeschenkoMedienAgentur for Blaupunkt Expo 2000
Interactive sense station for the facility tour
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