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Dates & Projects
Great Xmas Show at the SchadowArcades

The traditional on the hour event at Duesseldorf’s popular mall has been upgraded: The melodious, ambrosial tree was decorated with almost 20,000 lights, performing international Xmas designs and tasty whiffs of roasted almonds.
Until December-24, daily from to

Best-of-Events: Inspiring through the Noses

As support partner of the Dortmund fair on 20.-21. January 2016 we love to welcome you with a light refreshing breeze and we kindly invite you to visit our stand A08 in Hall 5: Just follow your nose to find us...

Relive Scent Technology at Euro Attractions Show

Our key aspects will be: themed scents for all
kinds of exhibits, scent distribution technologies for fast alternating staged scents in 4D Cinemas and Darkrides as well as seat-integrated close range scent direction. Further expect to experience our 100% natural air care for restaurants, hotels and for queuing management…
Gothenburg 6.-8.10.2015 - Stand B652

Successful SINNFLUT-coop since interbad 2014

The concept worked out: 8 skillful wellness and spa outfitters raised the bar by jointly creating an exhiting stand that effectively adressed all the senses. Learn more here about our realisations of multisensual spaces soon.

New Sensual Experiences at Krombacher Brewery

Germany's most popular beer manufacturers relaunched their visitor center with a multi sensory area for the unique experience of premium beer ingredients. The olfactory artwork is making the scenes of hop umbels and a field of barley smell in a very authentic way. Our barley aroma is a worldwide unique composition with rare ingredients which can't be taken from nature neither be done by professional perfumers.

AirEnhancer Technology against Bad Smell in Clubs

Due to the non-smoker protection law the night
owl is now smelling what was covered before by
the smoke of cigarettes: Sweat. We offer two innovative techniques to put an end to the undesirable smells in clubs. Maybe you want to engage us as a powerful Aroma Jockey?

Successful Fair Booths Smell Well !

Current research by Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, confirms the positive effects of effective fair booth odourization.
Industrial engineer Isabella Flamm realizes:

Odourized fair booths are demanded.

• 70% of the researched companies support the increasing importance

• More than 75% of visitors evaluate odourized atmosphere as good

• 97% accept or wish for soft odourization

• More than 30% experienced a significant mood enhancement

Learn more here ..

Press Review
European Amusement Professional
With All of Our Senses
Multisensory total experiences as sales boosters in Waterparks, Leisureparcs and Expositions
EuroAmusement Professional
Enjoy Natural Culinary Products with all the Senses
The first brand cinema with staged scents has opened at Adrian Manufaktur, Waldburg, for an emotional experience
m+a report
Is that your brand I smell?
Olfactory marketing sounds mysterious. A study has provided the first hard and fast facts…
m+a report
Scents faster than reasoning
The increasing use of scent marketing is not always welcome…
Interbad to Set Standard
The Interbad fair is making a highly active impression this year....
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